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The 2011 collage descriptions are starting in the lower left hand corner and then circling clockwise towards the center.
1. Me Snowboarding at Mt Hood with Todd.
2. Mulder and I enter the lookalike contest at the Doggie-Palooza.
3. Chad conquers his fear of heights on Munra Point.
4. Charlotte and Mulder at Cape Blanco lighthouse.
5. A sea turtle I saw while diving in Hawaii.
6. The Oregon Coast south of Cape Blanco.
7. I attempt to paddleboard in Hawaii.
8. A beautiful sunset in the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest.
9. El Misti (19,101 ft), in Arequipa Peru.
10. Panama City, Panama at night.
11. Me in the Colca Canyon, Peru.
12. Charlotte at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival.
13. Mulder and I hiking some lava flows in the rain at McKenzie Pass, OR.
14. Charlotte at Soter Vineyard, OR.
15. Hanauma Bay Hawaii.
16. Riding the high gondola at Whistler.
17. Todd after wiping out on Mt Hood.
18. Charlotte, Mulder, and I at Port Orford, OR.
19. Charlotte tries kayaking in Vancouver Lake, WA.
20. Brian and I at Machu Picchu, Peru.
21. Miraflores Lockes at the Panama Canal.
22. Mulder having fun at Hondo Dog Park.

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